PBBehage Yachtdesign

Designer since 1989:
of luxury-innovative sail and motor yachts, custom or commercial boat markets.

Exterior design
Interior design
Yacht design and naval architect Redesign, converting of vessels and yachts Supervisions and development

P.B. Behage brings together line and form inspired by hydrostatic and practical experience both classicism and modernism, and uses these disciplines to create some of the most finest designs for motor and sailing yachts.

It consists of legendary expertise in design, construction, engineering and material combining practicality with spacious elegance style.

P.B. Behage works best by maintaining direct and continuous interaction with his clients during all stage of design. These days, customers want it all-from personality, comfort and performance,timeless and economy to fine finishing.
With refreshing outlook on line and boats, Behage is fit for the challenge and does not believe in disappointing his clients.

Molenpaal 30
8608 ZJ Sneek/Holland

Tel: (+31) 0515 421539
E-mail: info@pbbehage.com